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Description: Convert pacman download URL lists to reflector-augmented aria2c input lists. Includes powerpill-light.
Latest Version: 2012
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AUR Page: pacman2aria2
Arch Forum Thread: 116226


Note: This project isn’t strictly deprecated, but I recommend using pm2ml for package metalink generation and powerpill for faster package downloads.

Pacman2Aria2 converts formatted pacman URL lists to Aria2 input files to enable segmented and parallel downloading of packages. Reflector is used to retrieve mirrors at run-time to increase the number of available mirrors and balance the load across them. It is thus intended to be used in scripts that emulate Powerpill.

Usage examples can be found in powerpill-light.


Note: Powerpill-light was a stopgap and will probably be removed in the future now that a new version of Powerpill has been released.

The package includes a script named powerpill-light. It is not intended to be a full, versatile application but rather a default script and a starting point for your own modifications. The script itself contains several commented examples and it should be copied to a separate location and modified as needed, and probably renamed to something shorter (e.g. “ppl”).

The default script can be invoked as pacman would be during an upgrade or installation, minus the “-S” option, e.g.

powerpill-light -u base-devel

Read the comments in the script for up-to-date information. Among other things, the script can be modified to change any of aria2c’s options, such as the maximum number of parallel connections and the minimum speed per connection.


  • Figure out the best way to despamify aria2c’s output. The log-level option does not seem to work when set below the “NOTICE” level. “–quiet” works, but then the user cannot monitor the progress.
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