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Created 2018-01-15
Last Modified 2018-01-15 02:45 UTC
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Workaround No Longer Needed

Back in May the site’s host configured all of their sites on this server to generate 403 errors whenever a file with the .db extension was requested, which required a workaround for downloading the pacman databases from my repo with a URL hack. That workaround is no longer necessary. Please update your Pacman configuration file with the recommended settings on the repo page.


Created 2017-11-26
Last Modified 2017-11-26 22:12 UTC
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Dropping xyne-i686 Support

With the end of official i686 support, the xyne-i686 repo has been removed.

Release & 403 Errors

Created 2017-05-23
Last Modified 2017-05-23 16:50 UTC
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alatools contains command-line tool working with the Arch Linux Archive (ALA). Well, just one tool at the moment. It is a pacman.conf generator inspired by this thread and some ideas that I have had for a while. It will check the last modification times of the local sync databases and generate a new pacman configuration file that points to repos on ALA from the same days. It can be used to install a package without a full system upgrade even when the package has been upgraded in the repos. It basically lets you continue to install packages as if the repos has not synchronized. It should only be used as a temporary solution in situations where you can’t upgrade (e.g. you’re working on something important with an approaching deadline and suddenly need some package but can’t risk breaking the system with an upgrade until after the deadline).

It can also be used to step through upgrades if you haven’t upgraded the system in a while. Follow the front page news and sync to the dates that require manual intervention in chronological order.

403 Errors

Requests for database files with the .db extension currently return 403 errors since May 18. I am aware of the issue but I cannot do anything about it at the moment because I do not own the site (it supercedes e.g. mod_rewrite rules). I have contacted the host and am waiting for a reply. Follow the discussion on the forum for updates. There is also a script that can be used as a temporary workaround, e.g.

$ pacman -Sy
$ ./
$ pacman -Su alatools
$ pacman -S powerpill ...


Created 2017-03-05
Last Modified 2017-03-05 05:59 UTC
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rmdupes is a command-line tool for managing duplicate files. It supports moving duplicates to a backup directory, replacing duplicates with hardlinks or symlinks, inverting matches to remove extraneous files, and more. See the project page and help message for the latest features.


fstab-uuid is a simple script to replace device paths with UUIDs in fstab and crypttab. There is also an option for naïve scanning of text files for potential replacements. It is meant as a helper for updating system configuration files. Let me know if you want me to package it. Until then, you can find it in the (scripts)[] section of the site.


Created 2015-12-04
Last Modified 2015-12-04 17:52 UTC
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Bauerbill has been reborn. See the project page for details.

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