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Description: Implementation of various standards, for internal use in Xyne’s modules.
Latest Version: 2021
Source Code: src/
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  • python3
Arch Repositories:
  • [xyne-any]
  • [xyne-i686]
  • [xyne-x86_64]
AUR Page: python3-xynexdg


This module was written before the release of the Python 3 version of python-xdg, which should be used instead of this module.


Completeness and Stability

This package is incomplete and will probably remain so. It is only provided to support my own packages (whence the “Xyne” prefix in the name). I have no foreseeable need to fully implement all of the XDG specifications, and I will not hesitate to completely break backwards compatibility if it will improve the package.

If you wish to use this module in your own package, consider including it as a submodule. Otherwise be prepared to update your code with new releases of this package. If you choose the latter, consider writing a wrapper module to keep all necessary changes in one place.

That stated, I will naturally try to stabilize the API as I have no desire to constantly update my own code.


Mimeo needs to be cleaned up and rewritten in Python 3, during which the Desktop Entry specification and Shared-Mime-Database specification code can be extracted and moved to modules in this package, along with any other relevant specification code.


Why don’t you just use PyXDG?

PyXDG is written in Python 2. At the time of writing, it is also
out-of-date. It doesn't seem to be well supported and I do not wish to rely
on it for my own packages.
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