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2023-06-27 09:51 UTC
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This site is currently under a long overdue renovation following a move from its original domain at archlinux.ca. It will remain under construction for a while so several things will be broken or outdated. The Arch package repo and project source archives should nevertheless remain up-to-date.

About This Site

This site is my way of giving something back to the Arch Linux community. It was created to host my various projects, which you can find here, along with other miscellaneous stuff. Take a look around and see if you find anything useful or interesting. If you have any questions or want to give feedback, you can send me an email or post in this thread on the Arch Linux forum.

Although I do develop my projects with an often single focus on Arch Linux, most if not all are portable and I’ve even seen some packaged for other distros (e.g. ObTheme). Naturally those projects that are tied to Pacman will only work on distributions that use Pacman, but Pacman itself is designed to remain distro-agnostic and portable.

You can follow site news here or via the atom feed.


This site adheres to open web standards:

Send me an email if something fails to validate.

Signing Key

Current Key

I use my current TU signing key to sign new files on this site.

Key File signing_key.pub.asc
ID 12C6F735F7A9A519
Fingerprint D89F AAEB 4CEC AFD1 99A2 F5E6 12C6 F735 F7A9 A519
Links pgp.mit.edu

The key should be included in the Pacman keyring. You can also cross-reference the key with the one reported on the Arch Linux Trusted User’s page.

Signed File List

Signed lists of all files with their last modification times and sha512 digests can be found here. This file is retrieved, verified and used by xacget, which can be used to download files from this site and ensure their integrity.

About Me

My user name is Xyne on the Arch Linux forum, bug tracker, wiki and AUR. I do not have any accounts with this name anywhere else except for some mailing lists. If you think you’ve found me somewhere else, confirm it by sending me an email here first. You can encrypt the message with my public key for increased confidence.

My Packages

Site Tools


Xac is the custom content management system that I created for this site. You can get it here.


You can use xacget to download files from this site from the command line. It is particularly useful for automatically syncing unpackaged scripts but it can also be used to search for files.

Xacget uses the filelist to locate files on this site. It can check the signature of the filelist and then compare sha512 digests of retrieved files against it to ensure the integrity of all downloads.

Site Map

I provide graphs of all files on the site in various formats here, including the graphviz dot file. If you find a nice way to visualize any of those graphs, let me know.


Many thanks to those who have generously hosted this site in the past for many years:

  • Dusty Phillips (back when the site’s URL was xyne.archlinux.ca)
  • Bryan Gay (LinuxNinja)
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