2012-05-06 21:00 UTC
  • Xyne


edit: Apparently the script no longer works due to changes in Povray. I will try to update the script when I have time to dig through some documentation to debug it.

After discovering the beautiful simplicity of Povray’s scene description language, I couldn’t resist the urge to make a 3D version of konify. This script is quite basic because I had only just discovered povray at the time or writing it and have only tinkered a bit with 3D modelling in the past. I may come back to it and try to enhance it in the future.

There is a thread about this on the Arch Linux forum. You can post questions and feedback there.


Experiment with the parameters at the top of the file until you get something that you like. To generate the image, you’ll need povray.

Example usage:

povray +Ikonify.pov +D +W<width> +H<height> +Q11 +A +O<output file>

Make sure that you change <width>, <height> and <output file> in the command above. Don’t forget to set the aspect ratio in konify.pov to match your dimensions.

Check povray’s man page for a full list of options.


  • povray ;)


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