2012-02-25 16:07 UTC
  • Xyne


Konify is a script to generate semi-random desktop backgrounds. It is named after the artist who created the image that inspired it (I’ll post a link when I find it).

There is a thread about this on the Arch forum.

For a 3D variant of this script, see konify3d.

Configurable Options

The following can be configured. See the comments in the script for more information.

  • image size
  • tile size
  • tile palette (finite set of colors to use for background tiles)
  • background color (the gridlines basically)
  • overlay image (including urls)
  • overlay image position
  • convert overlay image to tiles
  • output file (extension determines format)


The following are required to run this script.

  • perl
  • imagemagick
  • tput (for the progress bar)


Output examples can be found here.

echo xyne.archlinux.org | sed 's/\./@/'
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