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Created 2012-04-19
Last Modified 2012-08-03 11:55 UTC
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So, I haven’t posted anything new here in a while and now all of the old posts have been auto-rotated into subdirectories. I thought I had configured it to conserve the last 5 entries regardless of date, but apparently not (either I imagined it, or the code is buggy1). It’s on my todo list, because I know people love reading stale blog posts.2

  1. Nope, I imagined it, just checked. I’ll have to add an option to keep n posts when I find the time.↩︎

  2. Ok, maybe not, but it’s better than a blank page and a blank news feed. Speaking of which, let me know if the navigation links work in the feed. It should be possible to get to the feeds in the subdirectories.↩︎

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